How to French Braid Hair?

French braid hair, a beautiful and classic hairstyle and a favorite to many. However, it looks very complicated to handle. In this article, follow step by step, you will get an easy way to handle it.

Follow These Steps

1.Divide Into Three Sections from the Top of Your Hair

Gather enough hair from top of head then divide hair into three equal sections. Hold the right section in right hand, left section in left hand, and middle section between thumb and another finger of either hand.

2. Cross the Sections

To begin braiding, cross the right section over the middle section, then repeat this move with the left section, smoothing hair down as you go. Pull sections fairly tight; you don’t want the braid to be loose and come undone.

3. Add Hair to the Section

Before repeating your cross-over motion with the right section, gather a little bit of additional hair from the head’s right side and add it to this section; now cross this larger portion of hair over the middle section of the braid.

4.Add Hair to the Section on the Other Side then Repeat the Step

Gather a small section (of equal size to the one you just gathered) of the remaining hair on the left side of your head up and into the left section, and cross that over the middle section.

5. ​​Secure the Braid with a Band, then Finish!